Arun Madhavan Govindarajan
  • Over 15 years of IT experience, currently working as a Solution Architect.
  • Consulted, Architected and Implemented Event Driven Micro Services, Big data processing pipelines, N-Layered Applications/ Multi-Tired Monoliths and Cloud Migrations both from on-prem and between cloud.
  • Led teams to deliver end to end products, from inception to handover, which includes legacy rescues.
  • Hands on experience working on different languages and frameworks such as Java(JEE, SpringBoot), Javascript (ExpressJS, ReactJs, AngularJS, VueJS), Python(Flask), Scala(Spark), Ruby(Rails) following clean code principles such as TDD, applying SOLID principles and avoiding Code Smells.
  • Worked on CI/CD setup using Jenkins, GitlabCI and Github Actions, on IAC such as Terraform and Ansible, Contenarization using Docker and deployment using Kubernetes and ECS. Good exposure to cloud providers AWS, Azure and GCP and a variety of its services.
  • Worked on a variety of domains such as Automobile, Retail, Entertainment, Healthcare, Banking, Insurance and Technology.
Framework and Languages
Apache Spark, Apache Struts, Flask, JPA, Java-JEE, Liquibase, NodeJS, Python, RXJS, Ruby on Rails, Scala, Spring Boot, Websphere Portal, Websphere Portlet Factory
Cloud and Infra
AWS Cloudfront, AWS Cognito, AWS ECS, AWS SQS, Apache Kafka, Azure Data Factory, Databricks, GCP, PCF
Data Stores
AWS DMS, AWS ECR, AWS ElastiCache, AWS RDS, AWS Redshift, AWS S3, AWs CloudFront, Couchbase, Elastic Search, MongoDB, MySQL, Oracle DB, Oracle ExaCC, Postgres DB, Redis
Build & CI/CD
Ansible, Azure Pipelines, Docker, GOCD, Jenkins, Terraform
Front End
ReactJS, Redux, SCSS, VueJS
Other Tools and Processes
Agile, Camunda BPM, Confluence, KANBAN, Pivotal Tracker, Rally, SCRUM, Scrum, Tableau
  • Developed a Cloud Migration platform for Ford Hackathon to accelerate GCP adoption for teams.
  • Strategized and leading application re-architecture to make it scale to 10X its current capacity .
  • Rescued from legacy code, created generic components and enabled automations through configurations that helped cut support efforts of our product by 50%.
  • Designed and developed a configurable data pipeline,that enabled business users to onboard data from different sources, saving future development efforts.
  • Developed customizable mock server based on swagger definitions which reduced integration testing issues by over 90% from previous releases.
  • Insourced projects from Pivotal Labs and got trained as a Product Manager from Pivotal Singapore.
  • Developed framework and code generation tool, to integrate with SAP, reducing the development time from days to hours.
Company Experience
Ford Motor Company (Ford Smart Mobility)
Nov 2020 - Till Date
Ajira Tech
Jun 2018 - Oct 2020
Ford Motor Company
Feb 2015 - May 2018
Cognizant Technology Solutions
Apr 2012 - Feb 2015
Wipro Technologies
Aug 2010 - Apr 2012
Zoho Corp
Jan 2010 - Jul 2010
Mahindra Satyam (Now Tech Mahindra)
Sep 2006 - Jan 2010
Project Summary
Global Vehicle Management System (GVMS) - Ford Motor Company (Ford Smart Mobility)
Role: Solution Architect
Nov 2020 - Till Date
GVMS deals with storing and serving the current state of a vehicle, helps identification of updates to a vehicle by marrying current state with Vehicle META data. A system that requires high availability and constant need to scale, in order to handle exponential growth in future traffic.
Spring Boot, Liquibase, NodeJS, PCF, Apache Kafka, GCP, Oracle ExaCC, MongoDB, Redis, Jenkins
Context Aware Signaling and Analysing (CASA) - Ajira Tech
Role: Lead Consultant
Jun 2020 - Oct 2020
CASA helps retailers sell better and retain more customers through data driven decision making. It is powered by a suite of features such as Lead Management, Campaign Management, Offer Management, Loyalty Management and Customer Data Management with integration to POS and eCommerce platforms.
NodeJS, Spring Boot, Apache Spark, Ruby on Rails, Apache Kafka, Postgres DB, Elastic Search, GOCD, ReactJS, Agile, KANBAN
Revint (now Cloudmed) - Hospital Revenue Intelligence Platform - Ajira Tech
Role: Lead Consultant
Oct 2019 - May 2020
Revint helps hospitals optimise their revenue through analysis of hospital, patient and physicial data. Built on top of a big data processing platform, Revint ingests and analyzes GBs of data everyday from different sources.
Apache Spark, Scala, Azure Data Factory, Databricks, Couchbase, Azure Pipelines, Agile, Scrum
Match Move EIS Dashboard and Platform - Ajira Tech
Role: Lead Consultant
May 2019 - Sep 2019
Matchmove provides a white label solution for prepaid wallets, and required to consilidate data across all their different customers to be displayed in a dashboard, helping the various teams to take data driven business decisions, for which the EIS platform was built out.
Python, Flask, AWS Cognito, AWS Redshift, AWS S3, AWs CloudFront, AWS ECR, AWS DMS, Docker, Jenkins, ReactJS, Tableau
Qube Cinemas - Apsara - Ajira Tech
Role: Senior Consultant
Oct 2018 - Apr 2019
Qube Cinemas, a leader in digital movie distribution was rebuilding of their platform for a better consumer experience for theatre operators to plan, built and track movie playtime. We helped them build the UI for their platform.
NodeJS, RXJS, Docker, Jenkins, ReactJS, SCSS, Redux, Agile
DigitalXC - Ajira Tech
Role: Senior Consultant
June 2018 - Oct 2018
DigitalXC is a "Digital Service Engineering Platform" aimed at providing consumer experience and zero touch services for enterprises for their Devops and Operations automation. We helped build the platform.
NodeJS, Ruby on Rails, AWS ECS, AWS SQS, AWS Cloudfront, AWS RDS, AWS ElastiCache, AWS S3, Terraform, Ansible, VueJS, Camunda BPM
FordPass & Lincoln Way - Ford Motor Company
Role: Product Manager
April 2017 - May 2018
FordPass and Lincoln Way are mobile app used by Ford/ Lincoln customers to interact with their car and use it's various associated services. Led the team for China Market and parts of the Global application implementation.
Agile, SCRUM, Pivotal Tracker, Confluence
Java Center of Excellence (JCOE) - Ford Motor Company
Role: Tech Lead
Feb 2015 - May 2018
As part of JCOE, we spiked, standardized, released and consulted frameworks and technologies. We were also involved in training of frameworks, reviewing of new open source components and advocate new technology proliferation.
Java-JEE, JPA, Spring Boot, Rally, KANBAN, Agile
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